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From Our Mouths to Yours

We are so glad you found us on the worldwide web!  How exciting it is to be able to provide you with so much information that is easy for you to access. 

As you can probably tell, big changes have come our way and we couldn’t be more excited.  From our new website – the addition of advanced dental technology – and a new office!

One thing that hasn’t changed is the way we treat our patients.  It’s the same ole staff that you have become accustomed to and trust.  To emphasize this fact, let me tell you this, I get tickled at how many times I answer the phone “Dr. Beussink’s office this is Kristi.”  And the voice on the other end comes back “Teresa, I need to schedule an appointment.”  Some things just never change!

Twenty three years ago when I started I was amazed at all I learned. Dentistry is fascinating.  It continues to progress and improve and I am so happy to be able to help implement all of this into practice so we can give our patients the best care possible.  It throws us a learning curve, but with continuing education courses, we can stay on top of this ever-changing field! 

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