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We all know children can be the hardest to get into a dentist's chair.

Believe it or not, there are actually ways to improve the way your child views the dentist, and we will give you our top three!

  1. Always treat it like it's "no big deal"
    Children feed off of your reaction- if you speak positively and calmly about going to get your teeth cleaned, chances are your child will feel the same way.
  2. If you're having problems getting your child to get through an appointment- switch to a kid-focused dentistry! 
    Most offices treat children, but that doesn't always mean they're the right fit for your child. If your child is extra sensitive about visiting the dentist, take them to a pediatric office that only treats children, or specializes in pediatric dentistry. They'll have fun extras and welcoming employees that prefer to be around children!
  3. Make it fun!
    There are many ways to make a visit to the dentist more fun. You can glorify the fact that they get to "leave school" for the appointment, get them a small gift for going or even let them pick what they want for dinner that night!

At Beussink Family Dentistry, we take pediatric care very seriously. We have a bright, friendly staff that will make your child comfortable and relaxed! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call! 

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