“Wisdom Teeth”

Third molars, or as commonly called - wisdom teeth, usually erupt between the ages of 17 to 21. Most people will have 4, but it can vary per each person. If there is enough room in the mouth, these teeth will erupt into a normal position. Problems arise when patients do not have ample space for them to completely erupt. Impacted wisdom teeth make keeping them and the teeth in front of them harder to clean. This in turn leads to decay in the wisdom tooth and in the adjacent tooth. Also if a wisdom tooth comes in crooked it can push on the teeth in front and cause crowding.  

Not all wisdom teeth have to be removed. By keeping a close eye on their development, Dr. Beussink will be able to advise you if future problems can be avoided by having them extracted. After seeing how the teeth appear in a panoramic x-ray, the decision can be made as to whether they can be done in office or if it would be best to see and oral surgeon to have them taken out.  

We will help with every step in getting you referred to the oral surgeon of your choice.  


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